"English blog for friends & supporters of the Altevette-Onlus "Pencils of Light" Project"

Opened August 2012 by the founders of an Italian charity based in Milan (www.altevette-onlus.org).

How to Donate

About The School

The school provides accommodation and education to girls from poor families living in the highlands of Mustang on the border with Tibet and of nearby Buddhist Himalayan regions.

The Students

The children’s age varies from the youngest being 5 and the oldest being 16.  Some of the girls are orphans, others have no family members that are able to care for them due to extreme poverty or poor health.

Donations Needed

Any amount you give is deeply appreciated and will be used in full to help young people in need. You can make a one-time donation or choose to sponsor a young child in her studies. Your support will change lives in innumerable, profound ways.